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Minnesota farmers care. They care for their animals, and at the same time take pride in being good stewards of the environment.

"Livestock Matters" campaign

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cow Care for Animals
Farmers care for their animals, providing them with food, shelter and water. Their animals are their livelihood and productive animals do well when they are comfortable and well cared for. Farmers follow regular daily routines to provide the best care possible to their animals.

cow Air Quality
When farmers are applying for permits to build or expand livestock facilities, they must meet strict setbacks and guidelines to minimize nuisance odors. New technologies such as biofilters, and methane digesters are also used in odor mitigation.

cow Water Quality
Farmers care about water quality. They provide cool, fresh water to their animals. Farmers are the original stewards of the land, practicing best management techniques to ensure protection of the environment, including precious water resources here in Minnesota.


Minnesota’s livestock industry means jobs for Minnesota. In fact, 177,000 jobs. Enough to employ every resident in St. Cloud, Mankato, Austin, Moorhead, Faribault and Marshall.
Minnesota is a major player in the US livestock industry, producing the 8th largest number of livestock in the country. Minnesota ranks 1st in turkey production, 3rd in hog production, 6th in dairy cattle production and 10th in the production of cattle and calves, chickens and eggs.
Minnesota livestock consumes 20% of the total annual corn crop and 14% of the annual soybean crop. Without the strength of the livestock industry, Minnesota’s agricultural production and processing industries would lose 50% of their economic value.
Livestock in Minnesota generates $27 billion in total economic impacts. (Source: Minnesota Department of Agriculture, 2007)


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