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The Minnesota Farm and Food Coalition is comprised of leading Minnesota agricultural organizations – each dedicated to the health and sustainability of the state’s agricultural community.
Our group understands the need for a strong and progressive livestock industry in Minnesota. We recognize our work includes responsiveness to all Minnesotans. That is why our objectives include helping livestock producers and educating consumers in Minnesota communities, while encouraging appropriate animal production practices.

Minnesota Livestock Matters

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  • Help producers navigate through the growth and change process and chart a course that offers the best opportunities for success, while sharing the livestock story with consumers.
  • Encourage and help farmers adhere to regulations of the state of Minnesota, counties and townships with respect to their farming operations.
  • Enable use of new technologies to boost productivity, responsibly care for livestock and minimize environmental impact from their farms.
  • Farmers care for animals, protecct air and water quality and are good stewards of the land.


The Minnesota Farm and Food
Coalition consists of:

Broiler and Egg Association of MN
Cooperative Network
MN Agri-Growth Council
MN Corn Growers Association
MN Farm Bureau Federation
MN Grain and Feed Association
MN Lamb and Wool Producers
MN Milk Producers Association
MN Pork Board
MN Pork Producers Association
MN Soybean Growers Association
MN Soybean Research & Promotion Council
MN State Cattlemen's Association
MN Turkey Growers Association
MN Turkey Research & Promotion Council
MN Veterinary Medical Association
Southeast Minnesota Ag Alliance


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